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Motivational stories for students may help young people do better in school

Many schoolchildren do not take their education seriously. There are many things they would rather be doing than sitting in a classroom all day listening to a teacher. While this is understandable, motivational stories for students may help young people gain a greater appreciation of their education and enable them to reach better results.

It seems that just about every age group has other things on their mind aside from their lessons. For the younger students, time spent playing with friends or watching TV often seems more important. Older individuals generally would rather be gossiping with friends than doing their homework.

While this is largely a natural part of the aging process, it does not excuse students from being accountable for their work. Failing to achieve success in school may make it difficult for individuals to get ahead later in life.

Young people who have difficulty concentrating and maintaining good grades may benefit from participating in mind body exercises like meditation. These techniques can help individuals sharpen their focus and devote more of their mental energy to their school work.

Mind Body Exercises

Mind body exercises can help people keep their minds sharp, reduce risk of death

As individuals get older, it is common to lose some of the thinking and memory abilities they once had, which can stand in the way of motivational stories about success. Cognitive impairment is one of the most common age-related issues. However, new research suggests that the condition may predict an individual’s risk of death.

Researchers from Indiana University found that the presence of even mild cognitive impairment at a young age is as strongly associated with early death as heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions.

The team arrived at these conclusions after tracking the health of 4,000 adults between the ages of 60 and 102 for a period of 13 years. The results showed that 68 percent of those who experienced cognitive decline from a young age died during the study period, compared to 57 percent of those who did not experience memory problems.

"We found that even mild cognitive impairment, as determined by a simple screening tool in a primary care physician's office, has a strong impact on how long individuals survive on the same order as other chronic diseases," said Greg Sachs, who led the investigation.

While most people would have said prior to the study that they would like to avoid memory problems when they get older, the findings provide a new reason. In and of itself, cognitive decline can decrease a person’s quality of life. However, combined with the increased risk of death associated with the condition, the problem may be even worse than previously thought.

Fortunately, there are many things a person can do to keep their mind sharp as they age. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee recommends mind body exercises like meditation or tai chi. These may help individuals protect their minds from the ravages of aging.