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Remember to take care of your mind, body and soul to be truly healthy

Remember to take care of your mind, body and soul to be truly healthy

In order to truly be healthy you need to take care of your mind, body and soul equally. This means that simply running a few miles each week and eating healthy foods is not enough to keep yourself in shape. This is why it's important for you to look into mind body exercises that can benefit your whole body. 

Recently, the News-Press, a Florida news source, published an article explaining some simple things you can do to keep your mind, body and soul all connected. For example, the newspaper recommended trying an exercise called the Breath of Fire. To do this, sit in a chair or on the ground cross-legged and empty young lungs of all the air in them. Next, you need to sharply exhale through the nose with a snap of the abdomen. While this can take some work, the news source recommended getting to a point where you can do this 29 times in a row. 

The Cleveland Clinic suggests that to practice mind body exercises anywhere, learn how to control your breathing so that it is not fast and shallow chest-breathing, but slow abdominal breathing. 

Mind body exercises may help medical school patients

Mind body exercises may help medical school patients

Achieving a proper mind body balance is not just something that sick patients may need, but their doctors as well. Medical school can be an extremely stressful time for people, and they may need a little help learning how to unwind and relate to their future patients. Recently, researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine found that mind body exercises may be just the thing to help medical students get what they need. 

The researchers discovered that after taking an 11 week mind body course, medical students reported that they felt less stress, more compassion and more confident in their ability to teach mind body techniques to their patients. These findings suggest that having a mind body course in medical schools not only help medical students, but also spread awareness of how beneficial these techniques can be for patients. 

Some schools have already begun implementing mind body programs. For example, the GW Hatchet, a George Washington University news source, reported that the School of Medicine and Health Sciences have implemented wellness initiatives to help medical students deal with stress. 

Motivational stories aren’t written overnight

Most people have heard some kind of motivational story for success and become excited about applying the principles underlying the narrative to their own life. However, these types of tales are much easier to tell than to actually implement in real life. This can lead people to feel discouraged.

The key is to not give up after just one try. Making significant changes in life takes time. A motivational story can be told in just a few minutes, but actually making the types of changes described in these tales can take a lifetime.

Motivational stories can supply individuals with the ideas they need to start making changes in their lives, but it is up to each person to stick to these types of lifestyle alterations. Mind body exercises may help individuals focus on the steps they need to take to stay on track and making meaningful changes on a daily basis.

Once a person sets out on a sustainable path toward development, they may soon start to see that they are writing their own motivational story for success. With a little luck, people may one day begin following their example.