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In an example of motivational stories, bus drivers in India are treating addiction to alcohol with yoga.

Today in motivational stories: Bus drivers use yoga to kick alcohol

Yoga offers many opportunities for motivational stories, and this one is an intriguing example of how people are using the ancient practice to save lives. In India, bus drivers and conductors are turning to yoga to help them quit drinking and become safer drivers.

The workers are employed by the Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation, a government-run company. These drivers are known for having severe drinking problems, which have led to a bevy of problems. Along with arriving late and being unproductive, they put the lives of their passengers at risk every day. As an effect, the public has become afraid of using public transportation and business is down.

The Guardian highlights this example of motivational stories for work, reporting that the company created a rehabilitation program to help its employees quit "the sauce." The program lasts 40 days and involves a detox regimen coupled with a yoga routing and other exercises. In the past 1.5 years, more than 150 drivers have attended the program.

This isn't the first time transportation workers have turned to the soothing stretches and mindful meditation of yoga. Last year, taxi and bus drivers in India took yoga courses to help relieve stress. This successfully reduced road rage incidents among these workers.

Motivational stories for work help individuals find meaning in their jobs

Regardless of the profession in which an individual is employed, motivational stories for work can help make their time in the office more meaningful and rewarding. While many people say they dislike their jobs, there are ways to make the experience seem more worthwhile.

Many people would like to find work that is immediately rewarding in a mind body spirit kind of way. However, there are relatively few opportunities for this type of work. This is not to say that a person should stop looking; individuals should never stop pursuing their professional dreams. But, those who have yet to achieve their goals may still be able to find their current situation reward.

If a person's job does not give them the opportunity to engage at a spiritual level as part of the regular responsibilities, they can still practice meditation and other types of techniques while on the job. Throughout the course of the day, individuals may consider taking a couple minutes to close their mind and clear their mind. Just a few minutes can bring several hours of peace.

A person should never settle in their professional career, but they should also continue to work to make their present situation the best it can be.